Why Metric? Six Top Reasons

#6 It's not going away

Adopting the metric system is unfinished business. Our legacy measurement units will remain a problem - a thorn in our side - until we decide to make the switch.

#5 What we have now is pretty lousy

The old legacy units are an absolute hodgepodge. I have seen volume measures given in more than a dozen different units (fluid ounces, cubic yards, pints, dry quarts, bushels, acre-feet, barrels, gallons, cubic feet, teaspons, and on and on). Mentally switching among these, or among feet, yards, and miles, just doesn't work well.

#4 We're missing out

There's a simplicity about metric units - they really do form a "system" in a way that the old legacy units do not. When a person understands metric units and has an opportunity to use them, they have an advantage they wouldn't have if they were stuck with the old units. It's just going to be easier to comprehend the conversation. Why settle for second-rate?

#3 International trade

There is a cost to asking for special treatment. If we want to work with the rest of the world, it would help to be on the same page.

#2 Understanding metric is not optional if you claim to be educated

Are you truly educated if you can't find Asia on a map or count to one hundred? There are some minimal standards of education if you want to be a part of the conversation - and yes, much of the intellectual life of the country is in metric.

#1 It's doable!

Other countries managed to make the switch - it can be done! The real obstacle is not the dollar cost, it is getting enough agreement that we should make an effort to move down that path. We are already partway there!

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